SuperZoo 2023 x PETKIT Highlights: Unveiling Innovation and Excellence

SuperZoo 2023 x PETKIT Highlights: Unveiling Innovation and Excellence - PETKIT

Unveiling Our SuperZoo 2023 Journey

As we look back on the journey from childhood companions to lifelong confidants, it's evident how pets have seamlessly transitioned into central roles in people's lives. The modern era brought forth a remarkable evolution, where PETKIT - as a pioneering force in the pet industry embarked on a mission to unite technology and compassion in unprecedented ways, to truly present ourselves as a tech company that cares.

SuperZoo - the most-attended pet industry trade show in North America, established by WPA (World Pet Association) in 1950 as an annual gathering place for the entire industry to connect, learn and do business. At SuperZoo 2023, PETKIT didn't just participate ‚Äď we thrived! Our team connected with pet pros worldwide, exploring debut products, best-sellers, and innovative solutions to drive our business forward. It was a dynamic platform to scale up and collaborate. The team has been able to establish connections with prominent companies in the industry, facilitating communication and providing a genuine showcase of our products that both the team and attendees can take pride in.

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Beyond Smart Feeding: YumShare Series Shines at SuperZoo 2023

Introducing the latest sensation from PETKIT ‚Äď the YumShare series, stealing the spotlight at this year's SuperZoo. As a brand committed to elevating both pet and owner experiences, the PETKIT YumShare series with its latest camera feature elevates the overall user experience to the next level. It caters to diverse household needs, eliminating separation and travel anxieties. It truly serves as a bridge that connects pets and their owners, fostering a strong bond within the pet community. The YumShare series not only wowed attendees but also gained resounding recognition, backed by substantial coverage from local media outlets on-site.

Featuring a comprehensive 1080P with a 140¬į wide-angle camera, the YUMSHARE smart feeder enables real-time monitoring, empowering pet owners to remotely manage their pets' feeding routines. The ability to customize feeding plans, along with its elegant design, positions the YUMSHARE series as an essential asset for PETKIT aiming to provide customers with sophisticated, technology-driven solutions.

PETKIT YumShare Dual-hopper with Camera showcased on KXTV-TV.News

PETKIT YumShare Dual-hopper with Camera showcased on KXTV-TV.News

Crafted to accommodate the dynamic environment of multi-pet households encompassing both feline and canine companions, the YumShare series unveils two distinct models meticulously tailored to diverse domestic requisites. The YumShare Dual-hopper with Camera, meticulously engineered for abodes housing multiple pets, introduces the convenience of dual storage chambers with a capacity of up to 5L. It offers tailored nutrition flexibility, ensures optimal food freshness, and accommodates substantial supplies all seamlessly. On the other hand, the YumShare Solo with Camera introduces a more compact and lightweight variant, seamlessly blending with a spectrum of home aesthetics, all while retaining its unmatched real-time visual monitoring capabilities.

And who wouldn't relish seizing those delightful pet antics, ready to be shared with loved ones? Even our IG Famous Friend - Sunglasscat, can't resist the allure of YumShare's features for capturing and sharing those endearing moments!

Petkit YumShare Feeder, Smart Pet Feeder


Adapting to Fluid Lifestyles: Discover PETKIT's EverSweet Series

Innovating pet care for modern living, PETKIT's EverSweet series embodies wireless hydration. Amidst the trend of adapting to fluid environments, this series offers a wireless water pump, achieving both the avoidance of electrical hazards and effortless cleaning. Particularly appealing to diverse pet households, it seamlessly integrates into living spaces while meeting essential pet care needs. The flagship product, Eversweet 3 Pro (Wireless Pump/UVC), excels further with a 99.9% sterilization rate and four-stage filtration, guaranteeing water safety. Its adjustable water flow modes make it a vital intelligent device for every home.

Don't forget to take a look at Sunglasscat relaxing at our booth next to the PETKIT EverSweet series.

Petkit Smart Fountain


Elevate Pet Grooming: PETKIT HomeSalon Line, Where Innovation Meets Convenience

AirClipper 5-in-1 Grooming Kit

While there has been a significant focus on showcasing dietary aspects, PETKIT's commitment to high-tech support extends far beyond this domain. At SuperZoo 2023, our Home Salon line's AirClipper 5-in-1 Pet Grooming Kit has garnered recognition from numerous industry professionals, who eagerly visited our booth to experience its features firsthand. This grooming kit combines five different tools suitable for various scenarios, ensuring a comprehensive range of grooming needs are met. With the ability to brush, trim, and vacuum all at once, its exceptional power and battery life alleviate any concerns.

PETKIT airclipper 5-in-1 pet grooming kit


PETKIT AirSalon Max Pro

It is an exceptional solution for at-home salon experiences. Designed for ultimate quietness and hands-free operation, the particular significance is its distinctive Ozone sterilization mode, a functionality that is seldom observed in the market. This feature enhances the grooming environment for pets, effectively mitigating the risk of cross-infection. The PETKIT AirSalon Max Pro showcase at the exhibition garnered significant attention from numerous brick-and-mortar professional pet grooming establishments as well as pet groomers. Catering to diverse needs in a comprehensive manner, with its progressive airflow and ultra-low noise constant temperature drying, this solution offers you and your pet a stress-free experience while maintaining a clean environment. Elevate pet grooming with the PETKIT AirSalon Max Pro ‚Äď where innovation meets convenience in a category-defying grooming solution.

Petkit Airsalon Max Pro, pet grooming 

From Insights to Innovations: PETKIT's Post-SuperZoo Odyssey

Emerging from the enriching experience of SuperZoo 2023, PETKIT embarks on a journey of invaluable insights into industry trends, product evolution, and future aspirations. While we've already made remarkable strides in dietary, clean and grooming realms, PETKIT's vision reaches far beyond the present horizon. Prepare to be amazed by the upcoming Drink Line, starring the extraordinary EVERSWEET MAX (CORDLESS). This innovation brings true "No Strings Attached" performance to life. With enhanced battery support and increased capacity, paired with intelligent sensors that monitor hydration frequency, it effortlessly meets the demands of outdoor use. Our focus extends to the core of pet well-being, with ongoing refinements and innovative exploration in areas like pet health. One such innovation is our Occult Blood Test Mixed Cat Litter, ingeniously designed for daily use while discreetly monitoring pet health through litter status. These glimpses are just a preview of our expansive product roadmap. Brace yourselves for the anticipation of more transformative innovations from PETKIT.

Petkit Group

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