PETKIT AirSalon Max Pro

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Experience the future of pet grooming with AirSalon Max Pro: ozone disinfection, ultra-quiet, 360-degree multidimensional drying, real-time monitoring, and sleek design. Redefine pet grooming today!

Item: PETKIT AirSalon Max Pro

Ozone-Powered Disinfection

Utilize Ozone Disinfection for a 99.99% bacteria-free environment, promoting pethealth.
Say no to cross infection with our powerful solution.

No Germs, Pro & Home Care


Neutralizes 99.99% of E. coli and Staphylococcus aureus bacteria

15 Mins

Rapid Disinfection

Multi-Pet Paradise

Accommodating 1-2 pets simultaneously, our expansive interior ensures your furry friends have ample space for comfortable postures and allows for optimal circulation of fresh air.

Ultra-Quiet: ‚ȧ42dB Comfort

Gentle Gradual Airflow ‚Äď Because we care about your furry friend's emotional well-being, we've ensured a noise level that's ‚ȧ42dB, say no to anxiety!

Effortless Dry, Hands Free High

360-Degree Comprehensive and Efficient Drying

From bottom to top, gradual and consistent temperature-controlled airflow ensures efficient drying even in hard-to-reach areas.

Progressive Temperature-Controlled Airflow

Gentle and gradually increasing airflow ensures the best possible experience for your pet while minimizing anxiety.

Triple Directional Ventilation

Three openings on different dimensions ensure a constant circulation of fresh air within the drying chamber.

Special Design for Enhanced Drying Coverage

Drawing inspiration from waves, uniquely crafted to amplify the drying airflow, this inventive design guarantees superior drying coverage.

Harnessing ION Technology for Fur Care

Releases 3 million negative ions while drying for frizz-free fur and a radiant shine on your pet.




Quick Reference: Drying Time Variances

xSecure: Pet Safety Ensured

Highly Advanced Multi-Sensor System

Precision at its Best ‚Äď Our cutting-edge sensors ensure real-time and accurate monitoring of temperature and safety.

Auto shut down Preventing Overheating

The machine auto-shuts above 104¬įF, bid farewell to extremes.

Minimal Variation

Rigorously tested to stay within 32.2¬įF deviation from preset temperatures (based on lab data).

One App, Total Control

Pawsitively Perfect Just One Click Away!

Pick from 4 modes: Fast for big pals, Standard for regular, Custom for versatility, and Comfort for first-timers. One click, endless smiles!

Multiple Customization Options

Achieve personalized comfort with 6 adjustable wind speeds.
Tailor the temperature and duration to fit your needs.

Manage Your To-Dos, PETKIT App Keeps You Informed!

Receive timely drying alerts and monitor the timer in real-time on our app.

Cleaning, Elevated.

With just these steps, you're all set ‚Äď a true blessing for those seeking simplicity!

Step 1

Remove the Hair Filter Mesh

Step 2

Clean the Mesh

Step 3

Slide Out the Base Tray

Step 4

Wipe Away Water Residue

Multifunctional Uses

Multi-pet Friendly

Pet Supplies Adaptable

Pro Grooming Ready

Customer Reviews

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Dryer is quiet, sturdy and dries our cats very nicely. Very happy that I finally decided to make this purchase! Well worth the price. Sorry that I waited so long to order!

Kathleen Burg
Petkit air Salon Pro

The dryer did a great job with my Persians. Low noise and great air flow. My only complaint is that the unit must be run using an app that you have to load to your phone. There should be a way to use the controls on the top of the unit to operate the dryer. I would not have purchased the unit had I known it relied totally on Bluetooth and an app to operate it.

Shelly Hayashi

PETKIT AirSalon Max Pro