Interzoo x PETKIT Highlights: Official PUROBOT ULTRA Launch

Interzoo x PETKIT Highlights: Official PUROBOT ULTRA Launch

The PUROBOT ULTRA’s Performance at Interzoo

At Interzoo - the world’s leading trade fair for the pet industry, organized by WZF, the PUROBOT ULTRA  stole the spotlight as a standout smart solution for pet care. Directly ahead of its launch, at the renowned German trade show, we showcased the full capabilities of the latest innovation in smart pet care solutions. The PUROBOT ULTRA, an AI-powered cat litter box, is capable of 360-degree behavioral tracking and advanced multi-cat facial recognition through its integrated rotating camera, which also provides users with in-app health insights. This innovative cat litter box provides the smart pet care industry with a solution that prioritizes pet’s welfare, offering preventative care through data-driven health analyses gathered by the integrated camera. Permitting pet owners to better understand their pets and more effectively address their needs.

Interzoo guests were distinctly intrigued by the PUROBOT ULTRA’s innovative camera feature. The integrated camera boasts a 210-degree lens with infrared night vision, ensuring that its AI-powered features are effective at all times. The product’s unique features garnered so much attention, that many in attendance expressed hope for a more open mindset towards technology in pet care and a desire for an enhanced awareness of smart pet solutions in the European market.


Interzoo Fresh Idea Stage

Wei Ke (W.K) Guo, Founder of PETKIT, began his Interzoo Fresh Idea Stage showcase with a discussion on how technology can bridge the communication gap between pets and their owners, which captivated the audience. In his discussion, he expressed that in the near future consumers will be able to have their own experiences with the product. Guo followed his speech with the unveiling of PETKIT’s latest AI-powered product, the PUROBOT ULTRA. With its AI-powered stool analysis, accompanied by its aforementioned innovations, the smart litter box demonstrated how cat owners can now provide proactive care for their pets. Additionally, during our Fresh Idea Stage Q&A section, audiences were exceedingly eager to inquire further into the possibilities the PUROBOT ULTRA has to offer. 


Interzoo Official Interview

Following the stage showcase, Guo served as a speaker for the PETKIT booth at Interzoo. He met with many visitors, sharing valuable insights gathered from the expo. Among those who attended our booth were Interzoo officials, who expressed that they were impressed by our product innovations. The officials interviewed Guo and spent time at our booth exchanging ideas with our founder. Finding the experience ‚Äúinspiring and meaningful,‚ÄĚ he affirmed his intention to return for Interzoo 2026.


Our Mission

Driven by the ethos of "The Technology that Cares,‚ÄĚ PETKIT has developed an ever growing, diverse catalog of products that function to bridge the gap of communication between owner and pet. Our goals do not sacrifice owner convenience, however, as we believe technology can provide convenience to owners while simultaneously bringing them and their pets closer together than ever. With the PUROBOT ULTRA, we introduce another addition to our comprehensive catalog and build upon PETKIT‚Äôs diverse ecosystem of smart pet care products.

The PUROBOT ULTRA will officially launch on Indiegogo in June 2024. What's more, those who sign up during our pre-launch event can gain access to secret perks. Join us now for more information to be disclosed!

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