180¬į Camera Rotation. 360¬į Pet Behavioural Tracking for Every Toilet Visit

The AI-powered 180-degree rotation camera delivers comprehensive tracking of pets' toilet behaviors. Transitioning from the home angle to the toilet view, it captures pets' every toilet visit and stay-at-home wellness. You can monitor all of your pets' activities anywhere, anytime.

Enhanced Muti-cat Facial Recognition, Personalized Feline IDs

The upgraded multi-cat recognition identifies each cat by analyzing their body sizes, unique coat patterns, and facial contours. For multi-pet families that own cats with similar weights, this technology ensures accurate recognitions. Each cat has exclusive toilet visiting data, weight records, toileting videos and stool images to establish personalized feline IDs. In the abnormal pet scenarios such as frequent toilet visits and watery stools, it helps pet owners pinpoint the affected cat quickly.

Algorithm-based Stool Analysis. Early-stage Health Checks.

The advanced algorithm of camera identifies stool color and shapes, alerting signs of constipation or diarrhea, and other bowel issues. This technology provides clear guidance for adjusting your pet's food diet, improving water intake, or seeking veterinary care accordingly. The camera also detects blood in urine using occult blood cat litter, facilitating timely intervention for pet health.

Holistic Health Insights, Proactive Pet Care in Advance

Connect Purobot Ultra with the PETKIT app to access real-time toilet records and periodic health reports. In the event of abnormal pet behaviors, the app enables early detection of potential health issues through push notifications. Supplementing health records and poop images, it provides you with valuable diagnostic references for vets. Additionally, you can also build up a smart pet care ecosystem by interconnecting Purobot Ultra with PETKIT's smart feeders and water fountains, delivering holistic health management for pets' toileting, eating, and drinking health.

Amazingly Effortless, Touch-free Auto Waste Packing

Patented Fully-automatic Packing System

Experience incredibe touchless conveniences of PETKIT's fully-automatic waste packing system. It auto-packs, auto-seals and auto-refills a trash bag, sparing you from cleaning foul waste. All you need to do is lift the trash bag out and throw it away.

Overflow-secured Packing

Say goodbye to awkward tying-off moments with a overflowing waste bin. The industry-leading auto-expanding feature ensures overflow-secured packingperformance. With extra 2-day waste reserve in case of overflowing, enjoy peace of mind while traveling.

Extra-large Waste Container, Extended Free-scooping

The upgraded waste container features a 10L large capacity. It supports up to 20 days of free scooping even when you are away for long overseas vacations.

Completely Sealed Waste Bin Door

Embrace a clean-smelling home with Purobot Ultra's triple odor control. The sealing door of waste container keeps odors away through automatic closing with a seal strip. Lasting up to 45 days, the Odor Eliminator N60 purifies unpleasant smells with iced jasmine aroma. A leak-proof trash bag also keeps odors out.

xSecure System. 100% Safety-ensured

Purobot Ultra keeps the entrance open all the time. Equipped with six precise safety sensors, the cylinder stops working immediately upon detecting pet proximity. No worries about your pets getting stuck.

Patented Brim Details, 360¬į Leak-proof

Crafted with the patented brim structure, the interior cylinder conceals the gap between the litter mat and the cylinder, effectively preventing urine from dripping along the surface.

* We Prioritize Your Privacy *

Cloud Encryption

PETKIT ensures the security of your information, including pet health data, images, and video recordings. All data is encrypted using multiple protocols, including SSL. For American users, data is stored on a U.S. server, while for European users, it's stored on a Germany server. Your encrypted data is inaccessible to anyone else - not even PETKIT.

Record Scheduling

The camera recording mode is customizable. Through the PETKIT app, you can schedule the camera to record during specific times.

Privacy Mode

Simply activate the privacy mode on the app, prompting the camera to rotate from the front to the back side. Alternatively, you can manually adjust the camera to face inward, preventing the recording of home scenes.


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