Experience the ultimate convenience with the top-level safe, odorless self-cleaning cat litter box. Multiple cleaning modes and remote monitors are waiting to be explored.

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  1. It contains already a litter mat in the package.
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Customer Reviews

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Rebecca Horne
Way better than Litter Robot

I purchased this after my Litter Robot 3 stopped working. It had worked well but eventually gave out. I was looking at the LR 4 and did not want to spend that much money and came across the PETKIT and liked the smaller footprint and the features seemed comparable with a lower price so I went for it. It’s amazing. I love the app. It has worked great so far. My cat is on the chunkier side so I worried about everyone saying the opening was on the small side but she started using it right away and hasn’t had any issues. I love the ability to schedule cleanings and deodorizing. Overall it’s an amazing product. It fits in our laundry closet way better and is much easier to fill and to clean. I’m so glad I went this route!

Don't wait

I have been debating purchasing an automatic little box for a long time. I am kicking myself for not buying one sooner. Within 30 seconds of setting up the litter box one of my cats used it. It took less than 12 hours for both cats to use the litter box. I have since stopped using the other litter boxes and we have had zero problems with two cats using the same little box. Don't wait, purchase this litter box you will not be disappointed. Set up is so easy and you can use clay litter.

Dale Brainard
Great product, unfortunately, my cats would not use it.

Great product, unfortunately, my cats would not use it.

Nicole OBannon
Resetting issues

So box is great so far for keeping my house odor free. 2 of my 4 cats are using the box. The other 2 are afraid of it. I am having one problem with it. It is continually resetting itself because the barrel does not level out correctly. I have taken it out and put it back in level, but the next time it resets, it’s crooked again. It is resetting every minute, and the sound scares my cats away from it, and of course, it runs all the time.

Hi Nicole, I've notify our customer support center and they will help you. Please check your mail.

I love this thing

We have three cats. Two are kittens of varying ages. They're cute and they stink. Everyone works or is in school so for 8-10 hours during the day, nobody is home to scoop. Sometimes we were so exhausted we forgot. Our cats were great and still used their stinky boxes but.. the house smelled like cat butt.

I hated the thought of spending this kind of money on cat poop. I was looking at the major robot brand everyone knows. It was huge and ugly.

Then I found this. It's a RECTANGLE. It fits in a better place and is more aesthetically pleasing. It matches my bathroom. It's not huge.

And better yet.. it works. Even with three cats. I use less litter. My house no longer smells like cat butt. I just open a drawer and remove a bag and the waste is gone. I give it a good wipe down once a week to get rid of any poo that may have touched a sensor and to get rid of litter dust. Way less of a chore, I don't have to scoop, I don't have to inhale cat pee ten times a day.