Experience the ultimate convenience with the top-level safe, odorless self-cleaning cat litter box. Multiple cleaning modes and remote monitors are waiting to be explored.

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  1. It contains already a litter mat in the package.
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Customer Reviews

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I was intimidated by it at first, but I read the directions watch the video. It was very easy to put together and set up. My cat took it on the very first day. It is very easy to empty the litter bag. I love it and so does my cat.

Sapphire E.
Better than i expected

I was tired of smelling cat urine and my life also has become more hectic to upkeep everyday scooping so i knew i needed a self cleaning litter box. This one works better than i already expected it to work the app is great. My cat is still a bit hesistant but he's just a scaredy cat like that. He's slowly being less scared of it. It does beyonnddd amazing on making sure your space doesnt smell like cat urine and poop, i thought i was going to have to buy a second deodorizer but its not necessary at all. More so considering the fact my cat does a bad job always of burying.

The shape perfect, i hated the round shape of all the other ones. This one is useful i can put my cats towel ontop of the litter box, a lil bed if i wanted to also for him. It doesnt take up an insane amount of space and not inconveniently shaped at all. Oh and i love the fact that the plug part is flat that was a very great pleasant surprise. I hate plugs that stick out too much personally.

The only part that i wish it could have but i can see it why doesn't sincd probably would startle some cats is a little motion light cause mines seems to get hesistant in the pitch dark shuttle as i call it, but quickly fixed his worries by putting a motion sensor light nearby so he doesn't feel cramped and hesistant which seems to be helping. I was also concerned if he'd fit- thankfully he does, and my second concern was that he pees like a skunk but so glad he has not peeed outside at all so all my worries were dismissed. Mostly upset at myself for not buying this sooner, highly recommend! Definitely a must have for any kitty parent (Promise not sponsored/paid review, honest opinion on this)

Petkit review

Amazing automatic litter box. It is a minimalist design aesthetic. Super quiet. Cleans efficiently and my cats immediately started using it. I love this machine. It is so easy to take care of and makes my daily cat care a breeze!

Lada Kolesnik
cats took to it immediately

this is honestly a lifesaver, im a full time student and i work part time and i can get very exhausted and not want to scoop litter and this just took out that worry fully. they both used the litterbox within 12 hours of me setting it up and i already was able to get rid of one of the manual ones. so worth the money in my opinion.
the picture is my cat getting in it before i was even done with setup LOL

Rebecca Horne
Way better than Litter Robot

I purchased this after my Litter Robot 3 stopped working. It had worked well but eventually gave out. I was looking at the LR 4 and did not want to spend that much money and came across the PETKIT and liked the smaller footprint and the features seemed comparable with a lower price so I went for it. It’s amazing. I love the app. It has worked great so far. My cat is on the chunkier side so I worried about everyone saying the opening was on the small side but she started using it right away and hasn’t had any issues. I love the ability to schedule cleanings and deodorizing. Overall it’s an amazing product. It fits in our laundry closet way better and is much easier to fill and to clean. I’m so glad I went this route!