Automatic self-cleaning litter box comes with a multi-cat-friendly space. Triple deodorization and five cleaning modes take pet care to the next level!

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* Note:

  1. It contains already a litter mat in the package.
  2. Please note that we are unable to deliver to PO Box Addresses.

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Seth Dugenske
Seriously need another!

Some backstory,

Have a Litter Robot Gen 3, it's fine but takes up a lot of space with the steps we needed for our aging baby.

Got the Pura Max the other day, it's smaller, quieter, more informative, and all around cuter. Gotta say we love it enough to sell our litter robot to get another one.

Seriously it's awesome!

- Seth & Lisa

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Ariane Jasmine Carino

way above the rating scale cuz its cheaper than litter robot but i think looks more appealing. i love the stickers it came with, how accurate the app and gadget is. everything about it is just so amazing. my cat loves it as well. sometimes she goes inside just to play.

im planning to buy one more in the future!! i already bought my cat two feeders from petkit.

Love it!

My cat took to using it straight away, he must've preferred it way more than his old litter box since usually he's scared of new things. The cleaning cycle didn't scare him either, he was more curious than anything. Having the PetKit is so much easier, and I love that I can set a delay period, keeps it cleaner for longer. Overall, it's a 10/10.


So far I love this product.

I had the X for about 2-3 years and I didn’t like that it was so tall, I even got the step for it but felt like litter just got kicked out everywhere so easily. This is much lower to the ground, I think it stays significantly cleaner around the area.

I like that it’s easier to take apart and there are more deodorizing features that help with the smell and it’s pretty adjustable to preference between the settings and the deodorizers.

My main complaint is that the deoderizer on the side does come with a light, which I thought was fantastic. Then I discovered I have to manually turn on the light every time. There’s no motion or weight sensor that activates the light so it’s pretty useless unless you’re there when they’re going.

Amanda Cox
Best Thing Ever!!

I received my Petkit Puramax and got it set up super easily! My two cats love it! And I LOVE that I no longer have to clean a litter box!