Automatic self-cleaning litter box comes with a multi-cat-friendly space. Triple deodorization and five cleaning modes take pet care to the next level!

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* Note:

  1. It contains already a litter mat in the package.
  2. Please note that we are unable to deliver to PO Box Addresses.


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Seth Dugenske
Seriously need another!

Some backstory,

Have a Litter Robot Gen 3, it's fine but takes up a lot of space with the steps we needed for our aging baby.

Got the Pura Max the other day, it's smaller, quieter, more informative, and all around cuter. Gotta say we love it enough to sell our litter robot to get another one.

Seriously it's awesome!

- Seth & Lisa

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Lisa M Rodriguez
Having issues…

For the most part, this product works as described with the exception of it, not cleaning once my cat leaves. Had to set up, periodic cleaning in order for her to have a regular cleaning.

Caralyn Fischer
2 weeks of troubleshooting; works now

My 2 y/o cats took to this box immediately. The first two weeks I spent troubleshooting as to why the cat box was not registering my two cats. My cat would go in and the litter box would not register my 9 pound cat. I had the box on low profile (like as low as it gets) carpet. I moved it to linoleum flooring and it immediately registered my cats. So, now I have the box set on 2x4s back in the location I want it. Okocat clumping wood pellets will clump and stick to the bottom of the box - even after it turn upside down. So, I had to scoop it before trying a different litter.
Once, you put this box on a truly hard surface and find the right litter…. It’s amazing.
I’m praying this litter box lasts a long, long time.
The app is wonderful and works seamlessly.


My cats love it


Everything I’ve wanted and more