PETKIT Raised Stand

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Elevated Comfort, Feed with Ease


Indulge in Improved Dining Comfort

  • Help Digestion: It helps to minimize the risk of food reflux and vomiting while eating, promoting the digestion of your cat.
  • Protect¬†Pet‚Äôs Spine: It also helps to reduce strain on the neck and joints, which is especially friendly to senior pets and those with excess weight.

Broaden Vision with Elevated Height

Observe and understand your pet's well-being by raising the feeder with a camera to an appropriate height. View footage of cats using the litter box and drinking water on the app.

Compatible with Most Pet Feeders

Its long and wide surface fits for all PETKIT feeders.

Easy to Install

No tool is needed when you install its legs. Just install six legs and tighten them.


Anti-slip pads

Avoid messy spills and keep floor clean

Notch for power cable

Easy to clean

Customer Reviews

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Great Helped my cat out tremendously. No more cat food throw up!

Great product

It arrived yesterday, for a while I was looking for how to make the feeder higher, it might be easy to solve, but I still wanted to go for the Petkit solution. The quality of materials is high, it is noticeable when you touch it, it is not perfect but I found room for improvement. They could incorporate a set of legs with greater heights or some extenders. The packaging includes a plastic bag that could easily be replaced with a recycled sheet of paper to protect the product. The other thing, I would love to know if this product is made with some biomaterial or if it is made from recycled polymers, I don't know if it is free of BPA and all possible BPs. And one detail, I put the feeder and unfortunately the Petkit logo is mostly covered, I would love for them to look for another location because I am proud of Petkit and everything he does for us and our pets.


This worked perfectly to allow my Petkit Fresh Element 3 to accurately maintain food weight calibration, because it needs a solid base. My place is small and I have to have carpet to in certain areas to reduce noise that can irritate my downstairs neighbor. Carpet is not good at maintaining weight calibration devices. I highly recommend this product to those with carpet.

PETKIT Raised Stand

Feeder fits perfectly. I wish it included extra extenders to make the try an additional 2" higher.