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Item: Angry Gorilla

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"Ugh... fine, just give me a hug then."

Though Mr. Gorilla looks unhappy on the outside,

Deep down, he's truly gentle and pure.

Unable to resist the persistent pleas from a little friend,

He willingly surrenders to a cuddle.

Exclusive Skills:

His fluffy fur provides an added sense of comfort, ensuring your cat can't resist holding onto him.

Product Name: Petkit Pet Toy - Angry Gorilla

Colour: Pink

Dimensions: 15×16×6cm/ 5.91×6.30×2.40in

Material: Polyester, TPR Catnip Tablet

"Trick or treat? Guess what does the fox say!"

Hairy fox will be your naughtiest friend! The iconic big tail attracts your pet to party with him!

Exclusive skills:

Never underestimate a fox’s tail, it rustles when touched!

Product Name: Petkit Pet Toy - Fluffy Fox

Colour: Orange

Dimensions: 15×20×3cm/ 5.91×7.87×1.20in

Material: 100% Polyester

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