Occult Blood Test Mixed Cat Litter - 4 Bags

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Every Toilet Trip Is A Health Check

Health Monitoring Cat Litter: Convenient & Efficient

Occult Blood, Early Warning of Illness

🔎 Study shows that 32% of cats had lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS), and 42% of cats had hematuria (blood in the urine). Hematuria is invisible to the naked eye in the early stage of illness and is easily overlooked by pet owners.

🔎 Occult blood is an early warning sign of nearly 20 urinary diseases in cats, including urinary tract infections, bladder stones, urethral obstruction, etc.

*Source from AVMD, National Library of Medicine, petMD

Magic in 3s, Lasting Brilliance for 7 Days

The test particles will turn blue in 3s when exposed to trace blood and the result will remain for 7 days, so you can observe the test results after you get back from your business trip.

Color Clarity, Easy Result Reading

The severity of blood in urine can be judged by the color depth of these test particles. Depending on the severity, different approaches can be taken.

Scientific Ratio, Efficient Clumping Performance

70% tofu cat litter, 29% bentonite cat litter

With excellent water absorption, our cat litter rapidly locks in moisture and forms tight clumps for easy scooping, leaving less residue and odor.

Rest Assured Use

99.9% Dust Free, Breathe Freely

Ideal for cats and owners who suffer from allergies. Protect the respiratory health of humans and cats. Feel free to enjoy the fun of digging without worrying about inhaling dust.

Food-grade Natural Ingredient

Made of pea residue and corn starch, it has zero formaldehyde and zero irritation. No worry about cats swallowing it.

Low Tracking

Minimize mess in cats’ paws and keep your floors clean. The soft texture is friendly to cats’ delicate paws.

Flushable, Eco-friendly

Dissolve quickly in water. Pour into the toilet and flush directly.

* Please do not pour too much into the toilet at one time to avoid clogging.


Health Monitoring

Detect blood in urine


Deodorization Ingredient



99% Dust Free

Fast & Tight Clumping

Customer Reviews

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A great product

This is the third litter. Multiple cats(2) Purax model litter machine. So, this is the optimal litter for the purax. No dust, no annoying clay smell, no annoying litter tracking, if so, very minimal. Happy about switching so far.

Nicole Ubinger
Nice Litter

I like the litter wish there was a monthly subscription like the other litter