PETKIT FurWaker 5-in-1 Pet Grooming Kit (AirClipper)

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Item: FurWaker 5-in-1 Pet Grooming Kit

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5 Professional Grooming and Vacuum Tools

Brushing, Trimming and Vacuum All at Once

FURWAKER is designed to be a mess-free home salon experience, which means there is no hair left for you to clean after as grooming and vacuum happen at the same time.

High-quality Brushes

It comes with two different brushing tools for your various grooming needs, great for most types of fur including double coated, curly short hair and etc.

Grooming Brush

Our premium grooming brush is suitable for removing loose fur and helping untangle small mats for pets without causing discomfort, keeping their coat smooth and fluffy. Regular brushing sessions are great to bond with your pets.

Deshedding Brush

The ideal tool to manage pet shedding at home is our durable deshedding brush. Weekly brushing helps remove dead undercoat hair without damaging the top coat. It also prevents knots and tangles from forming.

Crevice Tool

The nozzle head is to clean sofa, pets’ bed, carpets and any hard-to-reach areas such as corners, keyboards and etc.

Professional Dual Blade Clipper

Suitable for any length of pet hair. Allowing you to control the length of your pets hair freely even you have no experience. DIY a special hair-cut for your furry friends.

Electric Clipper

It comes with 4 detachable guard combs for different length.

Paw Trimmer

 Used for paws, eyes, ears and face.

Snag-free & Smooth CuttingExperience

Powerful dual speed rotary motor of 5500-6300 rpm keeps a superior cutting performance, gliding right through even heavy curly hair or matted hair without unpleasant pulling or clogging.

2.5 Continuous Working Hours

Sufficient Battery Life (max level) after full charge allows you to use it anywhere without the main machine.

Safe, Sharp and Precise Blade

Carbon steel blade makes the clipper harder, sharper and more durable while ceramic moving blade tends to not get as hot and stays cooler during the clipping process , which is friendly to the most sensitive pet skin.

Pets in Style Grooming




Strong Suction to End FurTornado

High speed premium motor is developed to process moderate to heavy loads, strong suction enables instant capture of pet hair before it’s blowing all over the place.


*based on third party laboratory data


3 Suction Level

3 adjustable power modes to suit your best need.

Dust Cup

1.4L Large Dust Cup:
less frequent for you to empty the container.

One Click Empty: a mess-free cleaning experience design.

Dust cup is washable including the filters, easy for deep clean and maintenance.

Longer Hose for More Flexibility

Detachable 59 inch long flexible hose islonger than others on the market,you do not need to move around the machine while vacuum any hard-to-reach areas.

60dB Minimized Noise Level

AIRCLIPPER adopted the latest noise reduction technology to minimize the sound level without compromising suction performance.
(Note: Introduce AIRCLIPPER to your pets slowly from the mild suction level if they are extremely sensitive to sound)


1.If you point the trimming head down toward your pet when trimming, it may result in trimming the hair shorter than intended or damaging your pet's skin.
2.When trimming, make sure your pet's hair is dry. If your pet's hair is overly wet it will make trimming more difficult and dull the trimming blade.
3. Do not press the trimmer head against the skin when trimming, otherwise the skin will be scratched.


Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews

This is an amazing product!

Patricia Spisak-Dial
Love these!

The backpack is so cute… love the fan and light!
The petkit hair trimmer is so incredible I bought a second one for my daughter!

Bongkotchatorn Chalanan

The best 🫶🏻🫶🏻🫶🏻

Fields Christine
Excellent Quality!

I’m extremely happy with the Petkit Fur Waker grooming kit. It arrived quickly & the packaging was even impressive, very heavy duty packaging. The vacuum itself has tremendous sucking power & is quite easy to use. I haven’t used any of the clippers as yet, but it’s got many to choose from. The product quality appears as a much more expensive vacuum. It’s made with great quality & I was thrilled with the way it removed excess fur. I have a Pug who are known shedders, plus mine has a double coat. So I’ve twice the hair of a normal pug. Keeping the hair out of my house has been a struggle. But now, my little guy loved it. He’s never been afraid of the reg hand held vacuum I have and I’ve tried to use it on him w/o much luck. So when we began with this petkit, he was not bothered. In fact, he gets so relaxed while I’m using the brush, that he gets sleepy. He loves the feel of it on his skin & fur. No worry of irritating his skin, as teeth on the brush are coated as to prevent skin injury. They really thought of everything.
Overall I highly recommend this product. I looked at several more expensive models before I purchased this one. I’m so happy I choose this product as it does everything those high priced kits do, at a much more affordable price. Best of all, I didn’t have to give up quality to save money. PetKit is both affordable, well made and a life saver to me. I only wish I had this years ago, it would have made my life easier living with a double coated Pug! 😏 Thank You PetKit!

Scott Darios

PETKIT AirClipper 5-in-1 Pet Grooming Kit