PETKIT Limited Paws & Claws Magnet Collection ‚ÄĒ Meet The Team

PETKIT Limited Paws & Claws Magnet Collection ‚ÄĒ Meet The Team - PETKIT

Meet Missu - YumSpy

Miso, the Inspiration of YUMSHARE Smart Feeder with Camera
(Missu, the inspiration of YUMSHARE Smart Feeder with Camera)

Hey, take a look at the one wearing sunglasses in the top right corner ‚Äď that's me, Missu.

I used to be quite fond of sneaking food from my sister Kai (down there in the bottom left.) But lately, Kevin (my friend who takes me on walks everyday) brought this strange contraption. Not only does it transmit his voice when he is away, but the food portions have also become smaller, and it seems like there's a fixed schedule for dispensing. I can't even manage to steal Kai's food anymore!

It's all so strange and puzzling. I'm going to keep an eye on this bizarre contraption and figure out what's going on!


Meet Meow - Meow-sip

(Meow, CEO of PETKIT GUO rescued her on the street frozen - proof that a blend of compassion and innovation can truly work wonders and create something magical in our lives)

Hey, I'm Meow ‚Äď not that I hold any official position like "vice president" at PETKIT, but it's a fun thought!

My life took an unexpected turn when I was found as a tiny stray cat on the side of the road freezing to death. I had my fair share of battles with illness and the loneliness of being abandoned. But then, GUO, the CEO of PETKIT, stepped in as my real-life hero.

Thanks to my man’s care and trips to the creepy vet (which I 100% hated), I managed to conquer my health issues and overcome the shadows of depression that had weighed me down. What's really interesting is when my man GUO brought the PETKIT EverSweet line home, it sparked my newfound fascination with water. I used to hate drinking water, but now with this magical thing that makes water come out, I loveeee it!

before after rescue a cat


Meet Sesame - Poo-napper

(Sesame - the inspiration behind PETKIT PURA MAX)

Hi, I'm Sesame. The other day, I was about to finish my ‚Äúbusiness‚ÄĚ in the corner when my roommate Sophie brought back this box. I really hated the previous version of the box because it was small and dirty, so I usually did my business outside of it.

But this time, the box is not bad at all. It's spacious inside and doesn't stink. Ever since my roommate Sophie introduced it, it seems like she hasn't been stealing my poop and pee anymore, maybe it's because the box is doing the ‚Äústealing‚ÄĚ now?

Anyway, I quite like it.


Meet Lola & Bela - AstroCats

(Lola & Bela, two sisters deeply afflicted by separation anxiety)

Hey there! I'm Lola, and the furry feline on the right is my sister, Bela. We were shelter cats until our wonderful human friend, Amelia, adopted us. Amelia was different from others who visited the shelter; she made us feel special from day one.

I used to be anxious, always seeking comfort from Bela. But Amelia changed everything when she brought us home. Over time, we realized we had found our forever home with her. Our biggest fear shifted from being separated from each other to being apart from Amelia, even for a moment.

Amelia used to carry us in a dark, enclosed carrier, which made us anxious.  I'd struggle to catch my breath, and all I could do was belt out loud meows until Amelia would respond. It was quite the ordeal.

But now, thanks to this awesome transparent box ‚Äď our cat backpack carrier from the Breezy Dome line ‚Äď everything's changed for the better. We can see the world outside, and there's this delightful breeze inside that keeps me comfy and cool. It's like a breath of fresh air, quite literally!

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