1.What kind of cat litter is suitable for PURA X?
PURA X is compatible with all kinds of cat litter: Clay litter, tofu litter, and mixed litter. If you want to use other types of litter, make sure it is less than 3mm in diameter.

2.Does PURA X have a weight limit?
PURA X is ideal for cats over 6 months old and weighing between 3.5 and 18 lbs.

3.How much cat litter can be placed in PURA X?
12.8lbs clay cat litter, or 7lbs tofu cat litter, or 7.9lbs mixed cat litter. (For your information only, cat litter should not exceed the MAX line)

4.How to clean PURA X?
If it's not too bad, you can wipe it with a wet towel. If you want to clean the whole cylinder, you can take it off and rinse it with water. Please don't worry that it does not contain any electronic parts. The cat litter filter can also be removed for washing. Please note that the cylinder and cat litter filter must be dried after cleaning and then installed back to avoid corrosion. Other parts can be wiped with wet towel, please do not rinse with water directly.

5.How to eliminate odor?
PURA X uses special PETKIT deodorant purifying liquid and can be opened with one click. The deodorizer will spray the waste container for tens of seconds, effectively removing odors and viruses.

6.How loud can PURA X make when it's running?
It's about 50dB when you're 8inches away from the device, and it's about 40dB when you're 40inches away from the device.

7.How heavy can I put on the top of PURA X?
Please do not place more than 44lb.

8.How to do when the leg caps at the bottom of PURA X falls off?
The leg caps are glued to the bottom with quick-drying adhesive. It may fall off during transportation, so it can be re-pasted without affecting the use.

9.How to do when the waste container has recognition error?
Please check whether the trash bag is not pressed tightly by the press ring, the recognition error is caused by the lifting. Please use the press ring to press the trash bag tightly, and the position of the trash bag shall not exceed the highest point of the press ring. Then wipe the small red arrow at the bottom, one on the left and one on the left.

10.Do I have to use PETKIT special trash bags?
10-1.If the size of the trash bag does not match, it may block the safety sensor at the bottom and cause machine abnormalities.

10-2. If the thickness of the trash bag does not match, it may lead to the failure of the press ring of the waste container to press down smoothly, affecting the operation of the waste container, and possibly blocking the sensor.So we highly recommend using PETKIT special trash bags.

11.Why did I put my hand into the cylinder to test the sensitivity of the sensor, but the cylinder didn't stop?
Because human arms are relatively thin, when your hand enters the cylinder, your hand may just avoid the sensor at the entrance. That's not the case with cats entering and exiting, because cats are much bigger than human hands, making it impossible to avoid the sensors. So it's perfectly safe for cats.

12.What to do when the deodorizer leaks?
Please add one bottle of purifying liquid at a time to the deodorizer. After adding, press the orange cover on the deodorizer repeatedly to make sure the lid is firmly closed

13.Does PURA X work perfectly when I need to take a business or short trip?
Based on the results from a lab test at PETKIT, you only need to empty the waste container every 15 days (one cat), which is enough for business or short trip. But please be sure to empty the waste container before going out, in case PURA X will not be cleaned automatically when the waste container is full.

14.How long can one bottle of purifying liquid last?
It depends on how often your cat uses PURA X. If your cat uses it 3-4 times a day, one bottle of purifying liquid will last for one month.

15.Why is the cat's weight incorrectly measured?
If your cat is not fully inside the cylinder, or continues to move after entering it, the measured weight will be inaccurate.

16.How often do I need to empty the waste container?
Based on the results from a lab test at PETKIT, you only need to empty the waste container every 15 days (one cat).

17.How to get rid of odors effectively?
17-1.It is recommended to use automatic cleaning, timely cleaning cat litter to avoid smell.
17-2. It is recommended to deodorize automatically 4-6 times a day.
17-3. After adding cat litter twice, it is recommended to completely replace it once.
17-4. Empty the waste container when it is full.

18.Is the infrared sensor in PURA X harmful to cats?
The wavelength of visible light for animals is between 380nm and 780nm, and the infrared wavelength of PURA X is 950nm, which is completely harmless to cats and dogs, and both cats and dogs can not see, and will not sense.

19.Why does PURA X show that the cat entered but actually it didn't?
Please make sure you place PURA X on a hard flat surface without carpet, the carpet would prevent internal weight sensors from properly detecting your cat. Place it at least 5 cm from the wall, and there is no object near the entrance.

20.Why is the percentage of remaining litter shown in the APP inaccurate?

Due to the different density of cat litter, the APP may show that the remaining cat litter is 100% if the cat litter reaches the standard weight, even if it does not reach the X line in the cylinder. Please refer to the actual capacity of different cat litter: 12.8lbs clay cat litter, or 7lbs tofu cat litter, or 7.9lbs mixed cat litter. Please do not exceed the maximum weight of cat litter, otherwise clean litter will be filtered.. Clean the cat litter filter or inner cylinder every week.

21.Why does PURA X get stuck for a few seconds during cleaning?
Please do not worry that it is normal. In order to be more conducive to clumping, and to filter the cat litter effectively.

22.Why did the clumps fall into the gap during cleaning?
If the cat litter is cleaned immediately without clumping, it will stick to the bottom and fall into the gap when the inner cylinder rotates. It is recommended to set the waiting time to 3-5 minutes in the APP.

23.I use tofu litter, but why does clean cat litter often get filtered out?
If you only use tofu cat litter, please add it to 85% or less. Because tofu litter is less fluid, adding too much litter can make clean litter easily filtered.

24.How to guide my cat to use PURA X?
Put the PURA X in the same place as your previous litter box and use the same cat litter that your cat normally uses. You can also place your cat in the litter box for the first time so that it can get used to the smell and touch of PURA X. Then, keep putting your cat in the PURA MAX litter box anytime you feel it is about to do its business.

25.Will PURA X clean watery stool?
If your cat's stool is liquid-like, set the waiting time for PURA MAX in the PETKIT app to a longer period until the stool solidified before PURA MAX can effectively clean it.

26.If the network is suddenly disconnected at home, will PURA X still work?
Yes, if the network is disconnected, PURA X will continue to work according to your previous PETKIT APP Settings.


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