Fresh Element Infinity FAQ

1. Does the Fresh Element Infinity support manual dispenser?

If the Fresh Element Infinity has never been connected to the app, long pressing the button will not dispense food. Food will only be dispensed via the button once connected to the app.

2.¬†How to share with othersÔľü
Step 1: Open the app, click on the feeder and enter the settings page
Step 2: Click "Share"
Step 3: Click "+" to enter the username of the user you want to share
Step 4: Select the user you want to share and click "OK"
Step 5: If you want to delete the shared user, turn on the sharing switch, click "-" and then click the user's avatar,then "-".

3. Why the Fresh Element Infinity occasionally goes offline?
The device is offline because of the network. But no need to worry, it will still dispense food according to the feeding plan you set when it is offline, but the specific feeding record cannot be obtained on your app, it will display an unknown state, if the network returns to normal, feeder will be online.

4. Can the Fresh Element Infinity still work without Wi-Fi?
The Fresh Element Infinity needs to be connected to the app and wifi to set the automatic feeding plan. If you have set up the automatic feeding plan and there is no wifi, the device will prompt you it's offline. In this case, it will still dispense food according to the automatic feeding plan.

5. How to add extra meals for your pets?
Click the"+" in the lower right corner of the feeding page to add meals.

6. Why the food dispensation is inaccurate?
When pets eat, they will frequently touch the bowl, which will cause weighing data drift and cause food dispensing errors. If the food in the bowl is not accurate or the food dispensation is not accurate, calibrate the bowl.

7. Is it normal that the adapter makes noise?
If the noise is small, is normal.
If the noise is very loud or the customer feels it is very noisy, it can be replaced free of charge during the one-year warranty.

8. Why does the Fresh Element Infinity indicate that there is insufficient food left? 
The judgment of the food in the barrel is realized by the infrared beam sensor, one transmitting end and one receiving end. When the receiver can receive the infrared beam, it is judged that the remaining food is insufficient. Misjudgment when the sun shines directly.

9. Why the Fresh Element Infinity dispenses food not smoothly?
In winter, the temperature is low, and the animal fat contained in pet food will be solidified due to the low temperature, which will cause the food to slide down smoothly. It is recommended that you wipe the food outlet with a wet towel several times.