PETKIT Filter Unit 3.0

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Pure Water, Healthy Life

Multi-layer Filtration for Tasty Water

The multi-layer filtration system can effectively remove impurities, odors, and heavy metals, ensuring your cats always drink fresh and healthy water and protecting them from urinary tract diseases.

Replacement Reminder via App

Please rinse the filter with clean water before use. For the health of your cat, it is recommended to replace the filter every 2-4 weeks. The app will remind you to replace the filter on time.

Verify Authenticity

There is an anti-counterfeiting label on the package of the filter. After receiving the product, please check whether the coating is complete, and then scratch off the coating and scan the QR code to verify the authenticity of the product.

Customer Reviews

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Landin W
Wondeful Fountain - Easy to Maintain & Clean

I've had a PetKit branded water fountain for 2 years now! Started with the Eversweet Solo, and now use the Eversweet Solo SE. Being able to not worry about the motor burning out from the water being too low due to the auto shut off is great. I only just needed to replace the motor due to a drop in preformance after 1 year of 24/7 use!
The filters are quick and easy to replace, although I wish there wasn't so much plastic. I splurged to get the official Petkit Sponge & Straw Scrub Spooly, which has tweezers on one side eith the spooly scrubber on the other, to clean the fountain, but any type of straw spooly cleaner and sponge would work just as well. The only complaint I have is not being able to order replacement carbon filters for the water pump. Both my cats love using their fountain c:


I like the fountain for my pet...I do not like the app. I do not keep location on with my phone and in order to connect I have to turn it on. I have removed the app from my phone. I clean my fountain weekly and can determine when a new filter is needed so the hassle with the app is just that...a hassle.

The fountain works as expected but I am interested to see how it works this summer with the heat as my pet fountains can tend to get a bit more slimy during summer months.

I wish there was a way to turn off any/all lights and reminders

In the app you can turn off all lights and reminders, you can set it up and then uninstall the app, I hope this suggestion works for you.

Furry Kids Love It!

All of our dogs and cats absolutely love this water fountain. My only concern is that it is not large enough for them, but I will have to get the larger one to solve that problem.

Bryan Budak
Great filter for the PetKit water fountain

The 3 sectional filter works really well. Very easy to replace.

Sharmin Doering

Extremely durable and attractive. No noise either!