PETKIT APP: Simplify Pet Parenting, All Under One Roof

PETKIT APP: Simplify Pet Parenting, All Under One Roof - PETKIT

Picture This: One gateway to a Smart Pet Home can be archived in one step or‚Ķ maybe in one app? There's a major feature you might've missed‚ÄĒalmost every PETKIT product can be controlled right from your phone using the PETKIT App. We've mentioned how PETKIT is all about blending tech with caring for your furball, showcasing the nifty features of our products, and proudly wearing the title of ‚ÄúThe Technology That Cares.‚ÄĚ But what we haven't talked about enough is the broad meaning of that ‚Äúcare.‚ÄĚ It's not just about keeping your pet healthy and happy, it's about fitting seamlessly into your life as a pet parent, fortifying the bond between you and your fluffy buddy, and even tackling those day-to-day bits and bobs.

Allow us to introduce the PETKIT APP, an innovative platform that not only breathes life into the concept of care, but also lays the foundation for your personalized Smart Pet Home.

An all-encompassing, user-friendly, and easily accessible one-stop solution that's just a few taps away.


taOS, developed by PETKIT for the PETKIT APP, serves as a dedicated system tailored for monitoring pet health‚Äôs condition. With taOS, users effortlessly link their smartphones to PETKIT‚Äôs smart devices, fostering seamless connectivity among these tools. Acting as a personalized assistant for pets and their parents, it offers insights into their daily routines, tracking their food intake, water consumption, and even toilet patterns. Up to now, PETKIT App has rolled out two major versions ‚Äď taOS Elephas and taOS Falcons.¬†


PETKIT taOS Elephas

Family Management

Elephas, rooted in Latin for "elephant" or "ivory," embodies the strong familial bonds elephants share. This symbolism inspires our Family Management feature in taOS Elephas version launched in 2023. Now, you can effortlessly coordinate with all family members in one place to manage PETKIT’s smart pet devices at home. Invite relatives or friends, sync task notifications, and instantly share pet status. It's as easy as managing a Netflix family plan.

PETKIT taOS Elephas

PETKIT taOS Falcon

Falcon, known for their extraordinary vision that surpasses human capabilities. Drawing inspiration from this, we introduced this most up to date taOS version coinciding with the launch of our advanced AI algorithm backed product‚ÄĒthe¬†YumShare Smart Feeder with Camera.

User feedback indicates several popular upgraded features in this version.

‚óé Bigger Preview, Clearer Insights on HomePage
Tailor your homepage product preview to your liking. Click the top-right icon to switch and effortlessly view all linked product details on one page without additional clicks.

PETKIT taOS Falcon

‚óé PETKIT Care+
For the YumShare Smart Feeder Series, users can subscribe to PETKIT Care+ for exclusive benefits. Unlike before, where real-time pet monitoring was limited to standard quality (SD), subscribers now enjoy a 7-day loop video cloud storage service, offering high-definition real-time captures (HD) of adorable pet feeding moments.PETKIT Care+

‚óé AI Powered Remaining Food Detection
With the all-new AI Powered image detection technology, pet owners can now experience convenience with "Surplus Food Control". This feature ensures that every morsel of your pet's food remains fresh while minimizing waste by halting food dispensing once the remaining amount in the bowl reaches the preset level. Gone are the days of overfilling bowls and unnecessary food wastage!

YumShare surplus food control

‚óé Customizable Theme Display
Building on the PETKIT App Bigger Preview feature, we've added personalized themes for users to choose from. Don't forget to dive into our newest update! We've spiced things up by blending in the latest Super Bowl vibes and giving our theme a fresh look. Take a peek and let us know if it's the style that resonates with you! ūüöÄūüŹą

Customizable Theme Display

(Some themes require PETKIT Care+ subscription.*)

‚óé Before & After
Once your pet completes a meal, our system automatically generates a feeding comparison event, featuring two pictures captured before and after the meal. This visual representation offers insight into your pet's eating experience through the camera.

Before & After

‚óé Virtual Experience
More products available for virtual experience! For those interested in PETKIT products but don't own any yet, you can download the PETKIT App. Experience the convenience of using our products and build your Smart Pet Home through the virtual experience feature on the Homepage.


Caring Beyond Boundaries

Innovation is at the heart of PETKIT's mission, and the PETKIT APP stands as a testament to our commitment to pet care excellence. From remote control capabilities to advanced systems like taOS Elephas and taOS Falcon, our journey has been about empowering pet parents with top technology. At PETKIT, caring for your furry companions isn't just a mere concept ‚Äď it's an ideology seamlessly woven into your everyday life. With every update and enhancement, we aim to redefine how pet care is perceived and practiced.

As we continue to evolve and introduce groundbreaking features, we invite you to join us on this incredible journey. Experience the future of pet care with PETKIT ‚Äď where technology meets caring, and your pet's well-being is always the priority.

Download the App now! -> PETKIT App

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