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EVERSWEET Max (Cordless)

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Easily manage your pets' habits via PETKIT APP from anywhere at any time, and link everything to your pet's life.


Elevate your cat's litter experience with our exceptional scoop solution, designed to effortlessly eliminate odors and simplify maintenance.


EverSweet Max (CORDLESS)

A battery-operated water fountain with 3L capacity ensures up to 83 days of operation, delivering pets with fresh hydration anywhere, anytime. It enables pet owners to monitor pets’ drinking habits and set up personalized working modes via PETKIT app.


YumShare Dual-hopper with Camera

Upgraded automatic pet feeder with dual hoppers meets various nutritional needs. Relish in the joy of capturing every cherished moment of your furry friend with a built-in camera.


The PETKIT PuraX Self-Cleaning Litter Box is one of the two highest-scoring automatic litter boxes we tested. Our testers specifically praised its tech features and quiet operation.
If silence and ease of use are your top priorities… look into the PETKIT EverSweet Solo 2.
This has been made a convenient and exact process with the PetKit smart bowl which measures food and water to the desired unit.
All the essentials your dog actually needs, according to vets…It has a built-in bowl and will filter any leftover water back into the reservoir to prevent waste.
The box is super easy to clean and can be taken apart in very little time to wipe it down...This has saved us a lot of time and headache, I think it was worth it.
Kitty will always have fresh, tasty water to drink, thanks to the PETKIT EVERSWEET 3 PRO.


PETKIT HELP - the medium that channels our expertise into initiatives that provide relief, resources, and hope to pets facing hardships.

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