EverSweet Solo 2

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Ann Marie Campbell
Fresh water for my puppy

After we play outside, my dog will run up to the bowl and drink. I have one outside, One next to his food dish and one in my room.

Kitty approved!

Upgraded from another version of these cat fountains when it stopped working after a couple years. I was able to use the same filters on this new one, so that was fantastic. The pump is cordless, which makes cleaning SO MUCH easier. The base provides the charge to the wireless pump. And there's an app to check stats and stuff. We keep it in the kitchen and have no noise issues. I recommend this fountain for kitties who like drinking running/moving water.

Leberta Flatt

Eversweet Solo 2

Cat loves it

I recently adopted a kitten. It seemed like he wasn't drinking enough water from his bowl and I had heard that cats like running water so we tried this out. He now drinks over twice as much before and seems to love it. I was worried about him being so young and playing with the cable but he just ignores it.
The pump did come in broken, but I called their customer service line and they sent a new one out pretty quickly.

Quiet and Easy to Clean!

I am so pleased with the Eversweet Solo 2. It’s quiet and much easier to clean than the older version. This particular model is also reliable and works every time, where the old model didn’t always work. I replace the water once or twice a week for freshness and my cats love drinking from it. I highly recommend this product!