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Add-on Package: PURA MAX

  • PURA MAX+Magnetic Dustproof Curtain
  • PURA MAX+Storage Shelf
  • PURA MAX+1 Bag of Everclean Cat Litters
  • PURA MAX+2 Bags of Everclean Cat Litters
  • PURA MAX+4 Bags of Everclean Cat Litters
  • PURA MAX+Everclean Trash Bags (5 rolls)
  • PURA MAX+Refill Bottles (4 bottles)
  • PURA MAX+Refill Bottles (4 bottles)+Trash Bags(5)
  • PURA MAX+16 Bags of Everclean Cat Litters
  • PURA MAX (without PURA AIR Smart Spray)
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- The PURA MAX+Magnetic Dustproof Curtain will be shipped on December 15th

- Free 30 Days Return

- Free Shipping ≥ $29.99 (US area)

- 1-year-warranty

- PURA MAX Size: 620 x 538 x 552 mm
- Cylinder Dimensions: 480 x 480 x 520mm
- Entrance Height: 200mm
- Net Weight: 10KG
- Waste Container Capacity: 7L
- Max Cat Litter Capacity in Cylinder: 6L

1. What kind of cat litter is suitable for PURA MAX?

PURA MAX is compatible with all kinds of cat litter: Clay litter, tofu litter, and mixed litter. If you want to use other types of litter, make sure it is less than 3mm in diameter.

2. Does PURA MAX have a weight limit?

PURA MAX is ideal for cats over 6 months old and weighing between 3.5 and 18 lbs.

3.How long can one bottle of purifying liquid last?

It depends on how often your cat uses PURA MAX. If your cat uses it 3-4 times a day, one bottle of purifying liquid will last for one month.

4.How to get rid of odors effectively?

4-1.It is recommended to use automatic cleaning, timely cleaning cat litter to avoid smell.
4-2. It is recommended to deodorize automatically 4-6 times a day.
4-3. After adding cat litter twice, it is recommended to completely replace it once.
4-4. Empty the waste container when it is full.
4-5. Clean the cat litter filter or inner cylinder every week.

5.Is the infrared sensor in PURA MAX harmful to cats?
The wavelength of visible light for animals is between 380nm and 780nm, and the infrared wavelength of PURA MAX is 950nm, which is completely harmless to cats and dogs, and both cats and dogs can not see, and will not sense.

6.Why does PURA MAX show that the cat entered but actually it didn't?
Please make sure you place PURA MAX on a hard flat surface without carpet, the carpet would prevent internal weight sensors from properly detecting your cat. Place it at least 5 cm from the wall, and there is no object near the entrance.

7.Why does PURA MAX get stuck for a few seconds during cleaning?
Please do not worry that it is normal. In order to be more conducive to clumping, and to filter the cat litter effectively.

8.I use tofu litter, but why does clean cat litter often get filtered out?
If you only use tofu cat litter, please add it to 85% or less. Because tofu litter is less fluid, adding too much litter can make clean litter easily filtered.

9.Where should PURA MAX be placed?
Please make sure you place PURA MAX on a hard flat surface without carpet, the carpet would prevent internal weight sensors from properly detecting your cat. Place it at least 5 cm from the wall, and there is no object near the entrance.

10.Where should the cat litter pad be placed?

Please place the cat litter pad in front of PURA MAX. Please note that the pad should not be pressed under PURA MAX as this will affect the weight sensor.

11.How to do if the remaining cat litter is not accurately measured?
Please make sure you place PURA MAX on a hard flat surface without carpet, the carpet would prevent internal weight sensors from properly detecting your cat. Place it at least 5 cm from the wall, and there is no object near the entrance.If the problem is not solved, you can double click the OK button on PURA MAX.

12.How to guide my cat to use PURA MAX?
Put the PURA MAX in the same place as your previous litter box and use the same cat litter that your cat normally uses. You can also place your cat in the litter box for the first time so that it can get used to the smell and touch of PURA MAX. Then, keep putting your cat in the PURA MAX litter box anytime you feel it is about to do its business.

13.Will PURA MAX clean watery stool?
If your cat's stool is liquid-like, set the waiting time for PURA MAX in the PETKIT app to a longer period until the stool solidified before PURA MAX can effectively clean it.

14.How to control the lighting system?
You can turn on the light via the PETKIT APP to check the inside of the cylinder easily. The light is designed to be turned on manually, as cats have sufficient vision at night, and a light that is suddenly turned on will scare the cat.

15.If the network is suddenly disconnected at home, will PURA MAX still work?
Yes, if the network is disconnected, PURA MAX will continue to work according to your previous PETKIT APP Settings.

Customer Reviews

Based on 45 reviews
Makes life easier owning a cat

this device has changed my lifestyle of cleaning cat litter. NO more cleaning litter every hour on the hour, the item cleans like a pro and loks great too. very easy to use and clean and app is awesome shows all the info need to keep the device running. Cats took a day or two to get adjusted, now they love it and use it often. Best purchase o made for my kitties. feels good to know that litter is always clean.. such a needed device if u own cats.

Tim Herber
2 things I don't like

#1. It doesn't have an empty litter option
#2. When you pull out the full waste drawer there are always clumps of litter and poo that fall in the bottom of the waste drawer compartment.

Sheryl Giles
Good litterbox but terrible customer service.

I received a Pura Max about 2 weeks ago. There was no odor elimination system. I tried using the online form to request a replacement. I received an e-mail asking me to log in to check the support ticket, but when I try to log in I get an "unauthorized" message and am directed to call the system administrator - but there is no information how to contact the system administrator. I called a number of times during posted business hours, but no one ever answers or returns my calls. Right now I am considering returning the whole litterbox and ordering a replacement because that seems the only way to get the odor elimination system. That seems like a really stupid thing to do, but I don't know how else to get attention from a LIVE HUMAN BEING.

Dear, Thank you for your support and honest evaluation. we're sorry to hear that. After we received your request, we immediately replaced the missing accessories for you. The tracking number has been emailed to you. Thank you for your understanding and patience. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Junhan Huang
Perfect for my cat

Took me a little effort to transition my cat. I removed the existing litter box and put toys in the Pura max. Now I never have to scoop smelly poop or pee. I just dump the box once a week or once every two weeks. My life got so much easier.

Kristen Bilkey
My Cat Chooses Pura Max!

In an effort to transition from my current litter box to Pura Max, I put both in the same area. My cat never looked back. She used Pura Max right away and has never used the old litter box again! It is wonderful! I have had zero issues and haven't changed the bag in one week! AWESOME!

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