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Seth Dugenske
Seriously need another!

Some backstory,

Have a Litter Robot Gen 3, it's fine but takes up a lot of space with the steps we needed for our aging baby.

Got the Pura Max the other day, it's smaller, quieter, more informative, and all around cuter. Gotta say we love it enough to sell our litter robot to get another one.

Seriously it's awesome!

- Seth & Lisa

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Brieanna Dorsey
Love it!!

Wish I had purchased one sooner, it’s the best litterbox ever!!! So happy with three cats and a full work schedule it’s amazing!!!! Worth every dollar!!!!

Shaina Lagarile

My cat at first was hesitant to use this self-cleaning litter box. I was expecting a larger litter interior. There were times when my cat would urinate or poo onto the mat thinking that she was inside the litter box. After some time, she has adjusted.
I find it difficult to remove the litter tray once litter has been completely dumped - I would like to wash/rinse the litter tray.
I like how the device levels the litter properly.
There are times when hardened clumps are still attached to the rim of the litter tray, so I would have to manually remove.

Best litter box ever

I love it so much I now have two for the boys both them and I love it. Never been easier to keep the litter box clean just take the bag out give a quick wipe if some litter is on bottom of collection bin remind and put back easy peasy can’t say enough about it

Jasmine Watkins
Great automatic litter box. But missing the empty tray.

I would give this review 5 stars, but I’m about 3-4 weeks into using the litter box and now I’d like to replace all the litter. However, my order was missing the clear empty litter attachment. Otherwise, I’m in love with this thing. Even though I have a chunky cat. He can still fit in there and do his business.