1. Why does the water fountain display night mode during the day?

The water fountain recognizes the day and night is based on the light recognition. If you put the water fountain in the living room without windows and the light is particularly dark, the water fountain will change to the night mode. 

2. How to choose the mode of the water fountain?

The choice of mode depends on the amount of water demanded by your pet. If your pet drinks water frequently, you can use normal mode. Otherwise, you can choose smart mode. 

3. Is the water fountain safe to use?

PETKIT automatic water fountain is designed with water and electricity separation. Pump is replaceable and very easy to clean. You can use a wire protector or tape to prevent your pet from biting the wire. The pump will shut off automatically, while the water storage level is too low. The power adapter is DC 5V with low voltage output (the adapter should be bought separately).

4. How long should I add or change water?

When there is a shortage of water, the refill light will turn on. It is generally recommended to change the water thoroughly once every 3-4 days, and to clean the inner tube, filter sponge and tray when changing the water.

5. How to change the filter and how long should I change the filter?

Turn off the device, manually remove water storage tray and filter off the unit. Place the new filter upon the tray after soaking it more than 2 minutes, then put it back into the water storage tray. Turn on the device, then press and hold the main button for 5 seconds to clear the flashing light.

Filter replacement frequency: 2-3 months to replace once in smart mode , 1 month to change once in normal mode. There will be a yellow light prompt; 

6. How to clean the water fountain?

The inner and outer container can be separated and the inner container can be cleaned directly. If there is water attached to the bottom and outside of the inner container, it must be wiped dry before putting it into the outer container.

7. How loud is the water fountain when it is working?

PETKIT automatic water fountains use a DC 5V low voltage energy efficient water pump, which can effectively control the noise. but the motor rotation will always have some sound, this is a normal phenomenon.

Under normal use, the noise of the dispenser is within 35 decibels; in addition we found during the testing process that the location of the dispenser has a greater impact on the noise intensity. Some locations may cause resonance. It is recommended to try to reduce the noise by changing the position or adding soft cushions. At night, it is recommended that the dispenser is switched to SMART mode.

8. Why the water fountain have water stains after receiving it?

In order to ensure that the water fountain received can work normally, we will test a part of the equipments before leaving the factory (add water) . Because of the special nature of the stainless steel material, dry water stains will leave a watermark phenomenon. Please feel free to use.