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Nestor Rodriguez

A great solution to the problem of stale pet food! The product is incredibly high quality. It feels very premium and I wouldn't hesitate to get another if I need it. I'm expecting the two I purchased to stand the rest of time and help me keep my pets quality of life richer for a long time to come. A vacuum chamber for pet food is a great idea and I'm a fan.


Nice container to keep pet food fresh and dry.

I bought 2 more!

No more stale / wasted food. I liked the first one so much, I bought 2 more! There is nothing cheap with this product. It deserves 5 stars for everything.

Fresh food, no bugs

We've been using a sealed container for dog food, and it's worked okay but it's plastic and we've had it a few years and was getting more difficult to clean, and the lid was starting to feel flimsy. We live in a tropical area and have to do whatever we can to keep bugs from being tempted. This seals even without the vacuum feature, it has a tight seal which will keep the food fresh, bugs and pests away.

The vacuum feature is easy to use, just make sure the "on" button is set. You close and snap the lid, then push the button, hear the vacuum happening. Then just vent it to open the container. My dog has allergies and eats expensive food and topper, so I'm glad to know it will stay fresh and not go to waste. Another thing I like about this is that it looks nice. Our other container was clear with a black lid, and I like this one better. It also holds the same but has a smaller footprint, so I can keep it on the doggy cart with his treats and other things. It's also super sturdy feeling.

Very high quality

I bought this to store fish food pellets to keep them fresh. I am pleasantly surprised how well built this thing is. I liked it so much that i bought a second one. I highly recommend this for anyone that needs to store pet food or whatever for long term