Magnetic Dustproof Curtain (Exclusive for PURAMAX)

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Not quite the quality I expect from Petkit

I know this product is a bit of an afterthought but I honestly expected a far more clever implementation from this company for this product. The install is not very intuitive and the adhesive is pretty unreliable. Unless your cats will literally never mess with it you can expect it to continuously become detached. Really was hopeful this would work. I hope to see a revised version that relies on a plastic clamping mechanism or something similar as opposed to the adhesive.

Edit: I appear to have installed it incorrectly the first time. Now that I’ve done it correctly I can see that the adhesive might stay better and the fit is also much better. Updating my rating but still think this product would be better with a different mechanism.

Shay N
Great idea, cats appreciate it, implementation not perfect

The installation was not too complicated and although in the first couple of days I had to check and reapply the Velcro, it finally settled. I wish that there was a better way to apply the curtain rather then these cheap Velcro.

After installing the cats were a bit suspicious about using the litter box but there eventually did.

The curtain keeps getting filled with fur due to the static material and it doesn't reach all the way to the bottom of the opening which is probably for the best since one of my cats is a high pee-er.

Overall great bang for the buck. Essential accessory.